Mindful Approaches For A Healthier Life

At Purely Present Health we offer the Stress Better Habits Solution, a 90-day nurse guided one-to-one health coaching program to help midlife professionals relieve stress so they can feel calmer and fully capable of creating healthy habits for lasting results.

Purely Present Health

At Purely Present Health we partner with you to create healthier daily habits so that you can manage your stress better, engage mindfully in your health and simplify your approach to healthy living. We offer a clear plan with the support, coaching, and accountability necessary to make sustainable health behavior changes.

The Problem

When it comes to healthy habits, knowing and doing are two different things. When you are stressed out, creating and maintaining healthy habits can feel like an uphill battle. You want to make changes to your health habits, but you aren’t, and you feel stuck. 
Purely Present Health

Eat healthy

You try but your efforts are inconsistent because you are so busy. It takes too much planning and you don’t want to give up your favorite foods. What the heck should you eat, anyway?

Purely Present Health

Exercise daily

It’s just another thing you should be doing. You just don’t enjoy it. You don’t have the time and you’re too tired. You’ll start soon, when you have more time, or miraculously find more energy. 

Purely Present Health

Get enough sleep

You sleep poorly and feel fatigued and sluggish. You have little patience or energy for your family or friends and you lack focus and attention at work. You feel tired all the time, but have a difficult time falling or staying asleep.

Purely Present Health

Manage stress

The stressors keep piling up at work and at home. Your relationships, your work performance and your health are suffering. Your doctor tells you that you need to stress less, but you don’t know how, you just feel overwhelmed. You know something needs to change, but you don’t know what will actually help.

Purely Present Health

Ask yourself, are you ever NOT experiencing stress in your life?

Stress is part of daily life. How you respond to that stress determines how great an impact it will have on your life. You’ve identified that stress is the reason why you have such a hard time sticking to healthy habits. It seems that every time you make healthier lifestyle shifts, they eventually get pushed aside once the stress piles on and the obligations to your work and family stack up. 

You know that stress is associated with health problems, and you are concerned. Maybe you have a new diagnosis of hypertension or pre-diabetes/type 2 diabetes that your doctor has told you can improve with diet and lifestyle changes. The thing is, you recognize your health behavior patterns when you are stressed (poor diet, not exercising, little sleep), but you just don’t know what to do to manage your stress better. As a busy midlife professional, life is always going so fast. 

So you move forward, knowing in the back of your mind that there must be a better way, but unsure where or how to even start.  The changes feel too big. Where will you find the time? You haven’t experienced any lasting success in the past. You decide it can wait until “things calm down,” and you can give it your full attention. Now it’s 3, 6, or 12 months later, and you are still waiting for the stress to subside, but it’s not letting up!  The thing is, there is never a good time to “deal with your stress” because it’s everywhere, permeating every aspect of your life, every minute of every day.

Are you tired of being told to simply stress less? Wouldn’t you rather learn how to be better at stress? We have a solution that can help!

How We Help

Taking a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to health coaching with health care expertise, we encourage, support, and guide you to feel calmer and fully capable of creating healthy habits that will provide you lasting results. We address concerns such as:

Chronic Stress | Fatigue | Weight Gain | Poor Sleep |Chronic disease management | Difficulty with habit change

Purely Present Health

Explore the factors that are contributing to your chronic stress, considering the physical, emotional, environmental, nutritional and spiritual factors.

Purely Present Health

Uncover your WHY for wanting to make health behavior changes.

Purely Present Health

Transform your mindset around healthy lifestyle choices from deprivation and restriction to abundance and freedom.

Purely Present Health

Our Mission & Vision

At Purely Present Health, our mission is to support you to relieve stress so you can feel calmer and fully capable of changing your habits. Our vision is to help everyone become purely present by inspiring and nurturing healthier daily habits for a mindfully healthy life.

Nurse Guided Health Coaching & Education

Taking a mindful approach to health coaching we help you become aware of your thoughts and feelings and how this relates to stress and your health behavior change goals. Through health education and a whole-person approach, we help individuals struggling with stress build a strong foundation rooted in stress resilience and healthy daily habits. 

Through our signature coaching program The Stress Better Habits Solution, we teach you how to:

  • Create healthier daily habits that you have the time and energy to actually implement. 
  • Approach eating with clarity and confidence. 
  • Experience moving your body in restorative and joyful ways–without the body shaming.
  • Awaken each morning feeling well rested.
  • Meet moments of stress skillfully, using mindful awareness, allowing the space to thoughtfully respond rather than habitually react. 
  • Have the expert guidance of a nurse to support, coach, and keep you accountable to your health goals. 

It’s time to live a calmer, healthier and more mindful life. It’s time to be Purely Present!