Frequently Asked Questions

What is nurse guided health coaching?

Nurse guided health coaching is a specialized type of health coaching, provided by a Registered Nurse, who has received additional training and education. This type of health coaching utilizes a nurse’s skillset and clinical nursing knowledge to help clients achieve health and wellness goals.

Can I work with you if I live outside of Massachusetts?

Currently, our signature one-to-one coaching program, The Stress Better Habits Solutions, is only available to Massachusetts residents. This is due to state nurse licensing regulations.

This may change in the future should guidelines change. You can still take advantage of our other offerings that do not include 1:1 health coaching sessions. These offerings may include digital educational downloads (free and purchased) as well as group programs.

Do you offer in-person sessions?
We do not offer in-person sessions. All of our coaching sessions and programs are delivered online via video through our HIPAA compliant, secure client management platform.
Can you collaborate with my other health and wellness providers (medical doctors, naturopaths, functional medicine practitioners, dieticians/nutritionist, chiropractors, physical therapists, personal trainers, massage therapists etc.)?

Absolutely! We love collaboration. With your permission, information can be shared with your providers to further support you to achieve your health goals. As a Registered Nurse, Bev has the experience and expertise to communicate professionally and efficiently with all members of your health and wellness team. This may occur through sharing of office notes or phone calls to your providers.

Is this a diet and exercise program?

No, programs offered by Purely Present Health are not diet or exercise programs. Our programs take a whole person approach to health and wellness and we do not prescribe or recommend particular diets or exercises programs. We would be happy to refer you to one of our trusted referral partners to assist with this further.

Can I purchase a single health coaching session instead of the program?

We know that health behavior change takes time. We feel that clients are best served within a program that offers coaching, support and accountability. For this reason, all clients start off in the Stress Better Habits Solution program.

Once you have completed this signature coaching program, you will be invited to enroll into our monthly maintenance membership program, which gives you access to unlimited electronic messaging with your coach for ongoing accountability and support. As a member, you will always have the option to purchase individual 1:1 health coaching sessions at a reduced rate. You will also receive a discount on all additional online programs and courses.

If you do not wish to enroll in the monthly membership program, you have the option to purchase individual 1:1 health coaching sessions.

I see my doctor regularly, will a health educator and coach still benefit me?

We feel that every person can benefit from a health educator and coach. It is estimated that 70%-90% of all visits to the doctor’s office are stress related. Doctors recognize the gap that occurs between health education and implementation.

Doctors often recommend diet and exercise to patients, however, they are too pressed for time to discuss lifestyle habits and create a personalized plan. Our signature coaching program is designed to bridge this gap between knowing and doing, so that you can finally make sustainable health behavior changes.

Do you take insurance?

No. We do not accept insurance. However, we would be happy to provide you with a receipt of payment should you choose to submit to your insurance provider to request reimbursement. We do not work with your insurance company and do not guarantee insurance reimbursement.

I have additional questions. How can I reach you?

We would be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us at hello@purelypresenthealth.com

We encourage all clients to take advantage of our complementary 30 minute discovery call. Don’t worry, we hate sleazy, hard sales, it’s not our style. There is no obligation to enroll in the program. The purpose of the call is for you to explore with Bev  whether our program is the right fit for your current needs and health goals. If we do not think that our program is a good fit for you, we will let you know. We are still here for you. You can stay connected to us by joining our email list (grab that freebie!) and following us on our social media platforms. Health is a journey and we would be honored to be a part of yours.