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Signature Coaching Program

The Stress Better Habits Solution

This 90-day nurse guided program provides the exact blueprint you need to help relieve stress so that you can feel calmer and fully capable of creating healthy habits for lasting results.


Program Elements
  • Module 1: Explore how it’s all connected: Learn the 5 Aspects of Whole Health© and how these can be applied to help you better understand your current state of health.
  • Module 2: Understand your body’s stress response system: Learn how stress impacts the body and the mind and understand why chronic stress is often the root cause of many health conditions.
  • Module 3: Calm your mind with mindfulness: Learn the basic principles of mindfulness practice and these can help you create sustainable habits for lasting results. 
  • Module 4: Build your stress management tookit: Learn to process and respond to stress differently. Begin to meet moments of stress mindfully, allowing the space to thoughtfully respond rather than habitually react. You will build a custom toolkit to manage stress on the go.
  • Module 5: Cultivate healthy eating habits: Learn to approach eating with clarity and confidence. Discover the power and simplicity of whole food eating and how great it will make you feel. Practice mindful eating techniques, free of diets and calorie counting.
  • Module 6: Choose intentional movement & exercise: Learn to move your body and make it fun. Stop the guilt-shame cycle of starting and stopping your exercise program and discover new ways to incorporate movement into your day.
  • Module 7: Rest easy with restorative sleep: Learn why quality sleep is the foundation of good health. Understand how stress is causing poor sleep and discover new approaches, techniques and tools for a better night’s sleep.

What You Get

  • 6 x 60 min 1:1 virtual coaching sessions over the 12 weeks, typically bi-weekly.
  • Educational modules to review between your coaching sessions that deepen your understanding of specific topics and provide resources to keep you focused and accountable.
  • Resources such as educational content, handouts to support your understanding of particular health topics/concepts, food, mood & lifestyle journals, workbooks, checklists and cheat sheets to help you take actionable steps toward your goals.
  • Unlimited support, accountability and connection,  via the text/chat feature to keep you on track and to address challenges as they arise.

* Our one-to-one coaching program is only available to residents of Massachusetts due to nurse state practice laws.


The Stress Better Habits Maintenance Membership

Monthly Membership Program For Clients Who Have Completed the Signature Coaching Program.

Program Elements
  • Stay on track with ongoing education, support and accountability check-ins.

What You Get

  • Unlimited electronic messaging with your coach for ongoing education, accountability and support.
  • Option to purchase individual 1:1 health coaching sessions at a reduced rate.
  • Discounts on future services, courses and programs.

Individual 1:1 Nurse Guided Health Coaching Sessions

For Clients That Have Completed the Signature Coaching Program & Not In the Monthly Membership Program

What You Get


  • Option to purchase a package of 3 or 6, 1:1 telehealth coaching sessions.